how to learn coding for beginners?

Since the digital world revolves around data, learning SQL is important for manipulating data and it is easy to learn SQL. This will dictate what languages you choose to learn and how you learn them - but more on that later. Find a program or code file somewhere - GitHub is a great place to start - and open it in your code editor. learning to code has changed many lives as it can give you the skills to get a great job and gain your financial freedom.

Sit down and think carefully about what you hope to achieve, why coding is a skill you want to learn and how much time and money you have to devote to it. Sayan learned to code by taking computer science in school, and without a personal computer at home, he first practised on the school system and continued to learn from library books. Thanks to the tons and tons of open source code out there, you can learn almost anything by examining someone else's (impeccable) work. If you don't get seemingly minor things like closing an HTML tag right, you'll be stuck debugging a simple syntax error instead of writing more impressive and complex code.

The better you understand these principles, the easier it will be to learn the next language (and design better products or projects as a result). One of the best ways to keep learning and to reinforce your knowledge of a programming language is to decipher someone else's code. You may have a more limited interest in coding and only want to learn enough Python to make your Raspberry Pi do interesting projects, for example. This way, you can't move on to fun; the site really forces you to debug your code as you learn.

Once you know why you want to code, you can more easily determine which programming language to tackle. You have to be patient with yourself; don't expect to code the next Fortnite after a few months of study or a few bootcamps.

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