where can I learn how to code in lakes?

Whether you have no prior programming knowledge or are a programming guru, the group provides a platform for aspiring or experienced coders to develop a new understanding and perspective of the explosive and highly lucrative software development industry. Anchorsoft Academy is ready to code Lagos, as it offers extensive software development programmes in JavaScript, Python,. Switch coding academy is also known for its intensive training in code writing, decoding and script writing, with an additional focus on talent discovery, acceleration and technology placement. Spark IT offers opportunities for children, teenagers and young adults to learn coding through various courses and bootcamps.

Therefore, some people prefer to go to a training institute because the personal touch of a tutor helps learning. As a result, many learning platforms have emerged to cater to the growing interest in programming. So, regardless of age, CodeSpark Nigeria is undoubtedly one of the best places to learn programming in Nigeria for a short period of time. Since no one is too young (or too old) to learn to code, CodeSpark has decided to catch them young.

It has well-equipped training centres where one can learn to code in Lagos (Ikeja, Surulere, Festac, Lekki), Ibadan, Abuja and Port Harcourt. A common trend with scholarships in Nigeria today is that most of them do not give opportunities to people who want to learn programming without any prior knowledge. While you are trying to learn programming on your own, read everything, watch videos and Google anything you don't understand. They are possibly one of the best institutions to learn programming in Nigeria if you reside in Oyo State.

Each lesson is personalised, based on fun projects that allow kids to express themselves and learn new skills to prepare them for today's digital world. Without further ado, highlighted below are the 17 best places anyone can go to learn to code successfully in Nigeria. Joseph Agunbiade, a software engineer and co-founder of BudgIT, founded the Univelcity coding and programming learning centre.

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