what is the best age to learn to code?

Typically, children are introduced to programming using simplified coding blocks that allow them to learn the mechanics of the coding language to create, move objects and create patterns. This is definitely something that children can start learning at home through simple things that can be taught at home. The main benefit, besides exposure to more advanced maths skills, compared to grade and age, is that coding helps children visualise abstract maths concepts and make them more concrete. I learned to code by rewriting source code listings published in computer magazines and by playing little games of number guessing or hangman.

Thanks to the technological literacy of modern children, it is not impossible for them to learn to code on their own. Learning this programming language may seem like learning mathematics and could demotivate students about the idea of learning to code. Following this theory - and the more modern accessibility of educational tools and technology - many experts agree that a child can start learning to code at the age of 5.Arguably, Java is a little harder to learn than Ruby and Python, but choosing Java as a programming language for the first time will make learning any other language a little easier for children. The key in my son's case is that he was already curious about how applications and websites worked, which led him to dig in and learn the complex parts of programming.

This is the best reason why kids should learn to code, as they will come to know that "debugging code is half the fun, not a burden". FunTech summer camps are a fun way to keep your child happy and engaged, while helping them prepare for a digital future. If your child learns things through videos and listening, there is plenty of material available on YouTube. All of FunTech's summer camps for kids focus on STEM, with a focus on using games to engage and teach your child.

The most important part of coding from a child's perspective is learning basic reasoning and logic skills. Bring your students to the forefront of the STEM revolution with a gamified learning platform. According to the theory of cognitive development developed by Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget in 1971, 5-year-olds are in what he called the pre-operational stage.

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