when did bill gates learn to code?

Bill Gates has had a programming fixation since the age of 13, when his school got its first computer terminal. Bill Gates was barely a teenager when he posed as a college student to gain access to high-powered computers. All these qualities were evident in Gates' nimble response to the public's sudden interest in the Internet. Along with Allen, Gates used a CDC 6400 and a Burroughs 5500, machines that required the presentation of punch cards containing the code to run programs.

With few interests beyond software and the potential of information technology, Gates initially preferred to stay out of the public eye, handling civic and philanthropic affairs indirectly through one of his foundations. Basically, Bill Gates has made more money for himself and his shareholders by selling Steve Jobs' ideas to the public than Apple, but it is easy to see who has been the visionary and who the opportunist in that relationship. Gates was fortunate enough to attend a school that provided its students with access to computers, and he wrote his first programs in BASIC, which he taught himself. In short, was or is Bill Gates a programmer? It is clear that he did some programming as a teenager, but we don't know what he worked on, and while Paul Allen went on to write advanced microprocessor simulators, Gates clearly did not.

During his years at Lakeside, Gates spent time sneaking into different buildings on the UW campus to access computers. The fact that Gate was arrested for speeding without a licence in a Porsche is another example that shows that Bill Gates has never been afraid to break the rules, something that has paid off throughout his life. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who taught himself to code, has shared a few online learning platforms that he loves. As you can see, most of the great coders achieved success by experimenting, learning on their own and being really persistent.

Today, when learning to code is much easier than in your younger days, this amount of love may be enough to code your first programme. It remains to be seen whether Gates' extraordinary success will guarantee him a lasting place in the pantheon of American greats.

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