when did sundar pichai learn to code?

Pichai points out that today's workers are required to have skills that barely existed five years ago, such as an administrative assistant needing to use online programmes for budgeting, scheduling and accounting, among other tasks. In the same year, Pichai was appointed vice president of product development and began to take a more active public role. Mid-level and lower-skilled jobs are rapidly becoming digitised and automated, and training needs to be agile and consistent throughout a career, Pichai says. Whether the quotes of tech wisdom often attributed to Sundar Pichai are even his own is another question entirely.

While parents should take these announcements and his bold claims with a pinch of salt, Sundar Pichai is still cashing in for many training courses in the hope of catching them. Another tech-driven job category that doesn't require the ability to code, but does require a certain amount of technical education, is IT support, Pichai says. Success with Chrome meant that Pichai began to take on more and more responsibility, and his ability - according to those who know him and have spoken about him publicly - to manage teams and people consistently was noticed by senior management time and time again. If you know one programming language you can learn "n" programming languages, as it is the syntax and other features that change.

With a rapidly evolving technological world, employees will need continuous training in basic digital skills, according to Sundar Pichai.

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