why should we learn python first?

Python is the best language to start with as a beginner because of the ease of use it has over other languages. It also forces you to write good, clean code, because it doesn't allow whitespace. This also allows you to become a team member that everyone loves to work with. There is much less emphasis on conventional syntax, which makes learning and debugging code less furious.

For the past 2 years, I have already used both languages for my Data Science and Machine Learning projects. Although there are machine learning libraries available in Java, you will find more content around Python, as the developer community is preferring Python over anything else in Data Science and Machine Learning. Not to mention that, since many large companies rely on this language, you can make a lot of money as a Python developer. Python is an open source language, and in recent years it has grown in popularity due to its use in data science.

If you're wondering what's fuelling Python's popularity, it's because of its access to the new buzzword in town, "Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence". Python's efficient syntax allows programmers to get up and running quickly and package logic into compact scripts. On Stack Overflow (the holy site for every developer in the world), Python has risen through the ranks and is considered the most sought after language to be learned. Can you please what the complete beginner should know in order to start the Python course, perhaps and advise on some basic course or a book of some essential fundamentals.

For beginners it is simple, start with Python because it is easy to learn and powerful enough to build a web application and automate boring thingsA couple of years ago, scripting was the main reason to learn Python and that was also the first and main reason why I was attracted to Python and preferred it over Perl, another popular scripting language of that time. Especially for hobbyist coders, or professionals who simply need an easier way to automate tasks or analyse data, Python is a beloved choice. Similarly, for an experienced programmer looking to get into Data Science and machine learning, learning Python makes sense because it is fast becoming the most widely used programming language and there are powerful APIs and libraries available for AI, Data Science and machine learning. Van Rossum modelled Python after the English language, removing unnecessary syntax to make it easier to read and write than other programming languages.

It is a course that requires commitment in both time and energy, so it is not designed for people who are not serious about learning something new.

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