who should learn to code?

Coding is the fundamental skill for jobs such as software development. There is currently a shortage of software developers worldwide, so learning to code can be an easy route into an open job field. However, this is not the only way in which coding can open up job opportunities. There are plenty of amazing coding apps that can get your kids learning to code without even realising it.

Learning to code gives kids the opportunity to learn these kinds of skills while they are young and can help them on the road of life. Thus, learning to code is very similar to learning a second language and provides many of the same advantages. I have sent people out to learn to code who were afraid and they have all come back happy to have had the experience. When children learn to code it gives them the opportunity to be confident and create something in a fun and exciting way.

If you have a child, giving them the opportunity to learn about technology and how computers work will surely give them a head start in life. They learn that failure is not necessarily a bad thing and, in fact, can often be a positive thing because it serves as a learning opportunity. In other words, learning to code will not only give you technical knowledge, but also a new way of approaching your work. In general, learning to code can open up a world of new options for you, whether it's moving up the ladder, taking on new and interesting projects, or turning the work you're doing on its head.

Learning to code is important because it teaches you important skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. As a writer and marketer with no future dreams of becoming an engineer, I never thought learning to code would be relevant to my job. As Steve Jobs once said, "I think everyone in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think". This led me to start learning Bootstrap (a responsive front-end framework) because my WordPress theme at the time was built on Bootstrap.

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